Little Giant Ice Cream

Ice Cream  Shop and Production Facility 2,800 sf Oakland, CA 2015

Located a block from the historic Fox Theater in Oakland's Uptown District, Little Giant creates delicious ice cream in a variety of flavors that rotate weekly. Owner's Kevin Best (B Restaurant, Boxed Foods Co.) and Neil Rideout (Cigar Bar & Grill) set out to make ice cream that is sophisticated in flavor but approachable to anyone. As cooks, their approach to ice cream reflects an expertise in the kitchen and a wide variety of collaborators from all sectors of the food and beverage industry.  

In designing a space that reflected the company's ethos we worked with the owners to create a loose set of guidelines: the space should be fun but not cliche, minimal but not stark and it should emphasize the process of making. With this in mind, Medium Plenty centralized the production area to allow patrons a glimpse of the process from pasteurization through packaging. Colorful accents, simple materials and robots galore finish out the space. 

Client Little Giant Ice Cream

Photographs Melissa Kaseman 

Contractor Black Creek Builders