Floating Home & Photography Studio 1,600 sf Berkeley, CA 2014

 “Less House, More Boat!”

An adventurous client and tiny budget combine to create inventive awesomeness out of claustrophobic floating shoebox. Multiple layers of interior walls removed to open up 360° view of the harbor. Plywood wraps create unifying horizon lines. Handmade woodwork revealed, crappy fixtures replaced by raw brass custom lights & hunted-down vintage plumbing. Blown-glass portholes project rolling light off the water onto floors & ceiling. Super deep denim window seats & pivoting table make quick change lounge/eat/work space. Cheap thrills with vibrant paint, formica and kitsch wallpaper, remixing the 70s waterside life fantasy. 

Blown Glass: Michael Meyer

Metalwork: Welsh Ironworks

Photographs Melissa Kaseman & Zack Canepari

Contractor Stellalux Construction